About EmsanaCare

EmsanaCare brings private health care purchasers together with leading providers to improve health outcomes and patient experience. EmsanaCare addresses the concerns many large employers have that the care they buy is difficult for employees to access, of uncertain quality and poorly integrated.

We are part of Emsana Health, an independent company dedicated to developing health care solutions that meet the unique needs of large employers and their employees. Emsana Health was launched by The Purchaser Business Group on Health (PBGH), a nonprofit coalition of nearly 40 large private employers and public health care purchasers committed to transforming health care nationwide.


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Dane Guarino

Founding CEO

Dr. Neil Smithline

Founding Chief Medical Officer

Cheryl Wooster—Vice President of Provider Partnerships, EmsanaCare

Cheryl Wooster

Head of Provider Partnerships


Elizabeth Mitchell

President and CEO of the Purchaser Business Group on Health, Founding Board Chair

Dr. Arnie Mistein—Founding Board Member of Emana Health (and EmsanaCare)

Dr. Arnie Milstein

Founding Board Member

Our Beliefs

The way to lower health care costs is to raise health care quality.

The best way to improve health care quality is to make it easy for employees to access high-quality providers delivering high-value care.

Everyone needs a primary care partner they trust: it’s the foundation of effective, coordinated care that creates the best long-term health care outcomes.

Health care systems can be designed to benefit patients, providers and employers alike.

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